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NEW! Terahertz Sensor

The Most Advanced Solution for Safe, Versatile, Simultaneous Measurements of Thickness, Basis Weight and Density

NDC’s new Terahertz Sensor is an advanced, safe, non-nuclear solution that can make precision on-line measurements across a wide range of process applications.

  • A Versatile Solution – delivers simultaneous, single- and multi-layer measurements of thickness, weight and density that may not be possible using other sensor technologies
  • Ultra-Accurate Measurements – suitable for all materials, except metals and other conductive materials, the sensor provides high-accuracy thickness measurements for multi-layer web structures
  • Benefits a Broad Range of Applications - ideal for applications such as plastic film and sheet extrusion, converting, foam products and coating measurements
  • Multi-Layer Capability – effectively measures materials with variable amounts of filler, or thick layers of coating/pigment
  • Designed for Demanding Environments – unlike many sensors, the Terahertz sensor operates effectively and accurately in challenging environments, including those with high dust content, high temperatures and hazardous locations
  • Preeminent Support – all systems are backed by NDC's dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service

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Product Details

Experience a New Level in Coat Weight Gauging for Lithium Ion Batteries

Ideally suited for anode and cathode coating lines, this photon transmission sensor brings a new level of performance and visibility for measuring the coating weight applied to aluminum and copper foil substrates.

Two photon sensors are available with different streak detection capabilities: 

  • The high-resolution 312B-N-LIB offers excellent narrow streak resolution and is suitable for most measurement applications. 
  • The ultra-high resolution 312B-XN-LIB offers visibility of the coating and narrow streak resolution down to 0.5 mm.

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