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Low-Energy X-Ray Gauges

Ultra-Performance Thickness and Basis Weight Measurements of Light Weight Products

NDC's NEW Low-Energy X-Ray non-contact gauges are ideally suited for thickness and basis weight measurements of light weight products such as stretch film, flexible packaging, battery separators and nonwovens. This transmission sensor brings a new level of performance while not requiring licensing in most countries.

  • Superior Performance – up to 10x better than traditional sensors with high reliability, fast and accurate measurements...across a wide range of operating weight and thicknesses
  • Highly Stable Operation – precisely regulated high-voltage supply for excellent measurement stability and no degradation of measurement accuracy over time
  • Non-Nuclear Gauge – minimizes regulatory requirements, and low-energy X-ray requires minimal shielding and provides zero radiation hazard when powered down
  • Preeminent Support – all systems are backed by NDC's dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service

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A Range of Low-Energy X-Ray Sensors for Your Most Demanding Applications

Three versions of Low-Energy X-Ray sensors are available with different measurement capabilities:

  • 312B-N-L: offers high-resolution, excellent narrow streak resolution suitable for most measurement applications
  • 312B-XN-L: offers even narrower streak resolution down to 0.5 mm
  • 312B-W-L: features a larger measurement patch size of 10 x 19 mm and offers excellent performance in applications such as nonwovens and thin films

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