Tobacco Processing

TM710eV Tobacco Gauge

Accurate, Cost-Effective On-Line Measurement of Total Volatiles

The TM710e V on-line gauge directly measures the Total Volatiles in tobacco at all key points in the Primary and GLT processes.

  • Versatile and Accurate  precisely measures moisture, nicotine, sugars, temperature and other components with consistent results
  • Replace Routine Test Methods – TM710e V closely matches gravimetric oven measurements
  • Test More Efficiently  eliminate multiple calibrations between tobacco blends and avoid differences in volatile content
  • Save on Labor – reduces QC testing and validation
  • Environmentally Robust – performs reliably under any ambient lighting, relative humidity and temperature conditions
  • Integrate Easily into Closed-Loop Control Systems – flexible process connectivity and intuitive operator and supervisory interfaces
  • Realize Fast Payback – substantial cost savings and ROI achieved within months

Contact us today to learn how our TM710e V total volatiles tobacco gauge can give you the competitive advantage.

Flexible Connectivity

The TM710e's Ethernet communications structure features Automatic Device Discovery providing maximum flexibility of installation with the minimum of hardware and cabling, from a standalone gauge to a multi-gauge networked system. TM710e runs on 24V DC for maximun safety and Fieldbus Connectivity is available in all protocols including:

  • Profibus
  • ProfiNet
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus
  • Ethernet IP

To ensure access to data wherever it is needed, TM710e is be combined with the Series 710e Interfaces and Devices. Also Ethernet enabled, the devices include:

  • HMI - for supervisory interfacing with up to 16 TM710e gauges
  • Operator Workstation - for local display and operator level interaction with a single gauge
  • User Port (for analog process connectivity)
  • Switched Hub (for convenient networking).

This flexible connectivity structure enables straightforward integration into a factory network, to facilitate remote access to data.

Temperature Measurement

In addition to moisture, the TM710e can also be configured to measure product temperature. The temperature sensor can be supplied either integrated into the housing of the TM710e, to measure at a location adjacent to the measurement area for moisture, or can be supplied with a 10 or 20m to enable remote location while sharing the power and Ethernet connections of the gauge.