Metals Processing

Cold Rolling Mill

Ensure Continuous Accuracy in Your Process to Reduce Thickness

Many industries are looking for innovative ways to reduce costs, lower the weight of products and reduce overall energy consumption. A key component is integrating a high-performance gauging system into your cold rolling process that accurately measures the length and speed of moving material. High-accuracy length and speed gauging allows you to control key processes to reduce the thickness of aluminum sheet and other rolled products to the desired thickness specifications demanded by today's marketplace.

LaserSpeed® Pro Non-Contact Laser Gauge is Leading the Way
NDC's LaserSpeed Pro non-contact length and speed gauge delivers the measurement performance required for the newest, most technologically advanced rolling mills built today. LaserSpeed Pro delivers a measurement accuracy of better than +/-0.03% with +/-0.02% repeatability, enabling cold rolling mills to better control critical processes such as mass flow, differential speed and elongation of products including aluminum foil, plate and sheet.

The LaserSpeed Pro gauge uses advanced, laser-based technology to perform these measurements. It projects a unique pattern on the product’s surface. As the product moves, light is scattered back to the gauge. This information is translated into product speed and length, and pulses or data streams are sent to customer equipment. The LaserSpeed Pro gauge has no moving parts and is permanently calibrated, enabling manufacturers to realize the lowest cost of ownership.

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