Metals Processing

Continous Caster

Enhance Caster Production Through Better Gauging Performance

The continuous casting operation is the starting point to solidify large volumes of metal into simpler shapes for subsequent processing into plate, sheet and other products. By establishing proper and uniform dimensional measurements here ensures better product yields and smoother downstream operations.

Hot and hostile continuous caster environments demand different measurement technologies from those typically used downstream. For example, measurement sensors cannot survive near the product surface due to extreme heat conditions. Typically they must be 1-2 meters or more from the surface of the product and environmentally protected from heat, steam and water. Also, measurement platforms must be mechanically stable to eliminate measurement errors when being subjected to extreme temperatures and changes from the process.

Non-Contact Laser Gauging is the Solution
Mechanical contact encoders have difficulty measuring the length and speed of hot slabs and billets with any degree of accuracy due to the extreme temperatures and slag-scale accumulation on the product’s surface. These mechanical systems are subject to slippage and debris buildup on the rotating measurement wheel, causing measurement inaccuracies. They also experience mechanical failure and require operators to perform routine calibration, maintenance and production line adjustments.

NDC's LaserSpeed® Pro length and speed gauges ensure accurate, repeatable and reliable measurement performance to ensure your processes meet critical product specifications, deliver better product yields and avoid downstream waste.

Accurate cut length control, speed monitoring and control and mould oscillation monitoring are just some of the functions easily accomplished by the LaserSpeed Pro on a casting line.

The LaserSpeed Pro system is designed to perform under the most extreme environmental conditions, ensuring reliable and robust system performance in caster applications.

Check out our LaserSpeed Pro gauging solution below.