Pipe and Tube Mills

Get the Length and Speed Accuracy Advantage at Your Mill

Manufacturers of pipe and tube require the accurate length measurement of products. Accurate length measurements control cutting systems that produce products to exact production and customer size specifications. Accurate length measurements also enable manufacturers to properly position pipe and tubes to mark them with important product information or to identify quality issues. However, many manufacturers still use mechanical contact encoders to perform these measurements not realizing they are getting 1% or greater accuracy at best due to slippage and mechanical issues. Length discrepancies can directly affect product quality and create waste, costing the manufacturer significantly.

LaserSpeed Pro Provides Direct Non-Contact Measurements
The LaserSpeed® Pro non-contact gauges can measure linear as well as rotational speeds as needed for the Pipe and Tube manufacturing process. This laser-based gauge directly measures the length and speed of pipe and tube products with better than +/-0.03% accuracy and +/-0.02% repeatability. It is the ideal solution for replacing your mechanical contact encoders that are prone to a variety of measurement errors and high maintenance costs. LaserSpeed Pro is a proven performer in:

  • Continuous length measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Discrete product measurement
  • Differential speed control
  • Cut-to-length control
  • Product positioning for marking/printing
  • And more...

LaserSpeed Pro is all about high performance and long-term reliability, enabling you to realize the lowest total cost of ownership. It has no moving parts to wear out and is permanently calibrated. This reduces the need to shut down your line for routine adjustments or maintenance so you maximize uptime. You win in significant time and money savings.

Check out our LaserSpeed Pro gauging solution below.