Tension Leveling Line

Control Stretch or Elongation to Remove Stresses and Ensure Your Material Lays Flat

Tension stretch leveling lines remove center and edge buckle by stretching the material and improving the strip shape. Typically, leveling line stretches the strip by only 0.05% to 0.015%. This is a very small amount of stretch or elongation. If the correct amount of elongation is not achieved, then the shape of the strip will not meet specifications and some center or edge buckle will remain in the strip.

Encoders attached to the bridle roll can be used to attempt to measure the elongation ratio; but, even a very small amount of slippage or change in the roll diameter will have a big effect on the measured elongation ratio. This will have a big effect on the strip shape.

By installing two LaserSpeed® Pro non-contact length and speed gauges on a tension leveling line, steel mills can reliably measure the elongation ratio with the highest accuracy. Since these laser-based gauges have no slippage error, manufacturers are able to measure the elongation ration with a precision better than +/-0.03%.

Check out our LaserSpeed Pro gauging solution below.