Film Extrusion & Converting

Enabling Manufacturers to Produce Products Better, Faster and More Cost Effectively

NDC’s solutions for the film extrusion and converting industries are designed to deliver greater results through measurement, control and process visibility. Industry 4.0 OPC UA communications are supported by NDC intelligent solutions.

At the core of our web gauging systems is NDC’s TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) platform. TDi is based on a robust industrial architecture to ensure high reliability, low cost of ownership and straightforward installation. Its flexible architecture means scalability, enabling web gauging systems to be configured for applications ranging from fixed-point measurement to multi-scanner systems with complex controls.

NDC’s web gauging portfolio includes infrared, beta, X-ray, laser, gamma and optical measurement technologies. These gauges are all supported by the TDi platform, representing the widest range of measurement technologies available for the web gauging business.

And every system is backed by NDC's worldwide service and support organization.

Whether you’re in the extrusion, converting, calendering, battery or nonwovens industry, NDC can give you the competitive, performance and bottom-line advantage today.