Process Measurement and Control Solutions

NDC Technologies develops high performance measurement solutions using a wide range of non-contacting measurement techniques designed to improve product quality and productivity.

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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Moisture measurement in chemicals and pharmaceuticals

In-process moisture measurements - on-line and at-line - for powders, granules, pastes and slurries

Film and Sheet Extrusion

NDC web gauging film thickness gauge for film and sheet

Film thickness measurement and barrier layer measurement for extruded film and sheet

Food Processing

NDC Infralab Food Moisture Analyzer, Food Fat & Protein Measurement

On-line and at-Line measurements of moisture, fat, protein, oil and degree of bake

Metals Industry

On Line Thickness Measurement Gauges for steel, aluminium sheet and coil

Thickness, coat weight, width and flatness measurements for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Minerals & Bulk Materials

Minerals and bulk materials moisture measurement and control

Industrial moisture measurements for minerals and bulk materials

Nonwovens & Textiles

NDC web gauging system for basis weight and moisture measurement in non wovens and textiles

Basis weight and moisture measurement solutions for nonwovens and textiles

Coating, Laminating & Converting

NDC Web Gauging System for Coating Thickness Measurement

Coat weight, coating thickness, barrier layers, lamination and moisture measurements

Rubber and Vinyl Calendering

NDC Web Gauging System Scanning Measurement and Control Systems for Adhesive, Vinyl and Rubber Calenders

Basis weight and thickness measurement and control solutions for vinyl and rubber calendering

Pipe and Tube

Pipe and Tube measurement | NDC | Beta LaserMike

Automatically measure and control dimension during production

Tobacco Processing

Tobacco Process Measurement Solutions from NDC

Moisture, nicotine, sugars and temperature measurements in primary & GLT processes

Wire, Cable and Fiber

Wire and Cable Bet LaserMike NDC Technologies

Automatically measure and control wire, cable and fiber production

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