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Diameter & Ovality

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The need to precisely measure the diameter and ovality of cylindrical round products to ensure they meet tight design and quality specifications is of paramount importance to manufacturers of pipe and tube, wire and cable, and other extruded products.

For example, producing any medical tubing product with an “out-of-tolerance” diameter or roundness, often down to ten-thousandths of an inch, affects the performance of life-critical devices such as catheters, drug delivery and surgical tubing, and other medical devices.

With communication cables, such as Coaxial and twisted-pair LAN products, any error in the diameter or roundness of the conductor or insulation directly impacts the cable’s performance characteristics -- rendering the product useless for the designed application.

BETA LaserMike AccuScan gauges perform fast, precise and reliable in-process diameter and ovality measurements and immediately communicate this information to a host system or controller to tightly control product quality.

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