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When You Need the Best in Measurement Accuracy and Process Control

Manually inspecting and testing your industrial pipe and tube products is time consuming to set-up and maintain, and difficult to accurately reproduce. On the other hand, on-line measurement systems allow for the automated collection of product data, and provides the feedback necessary for effective process control.

BETA LaserMike gauging systems provide plastic industrial pipe and tube manufacturers with the capability to automatically measure and control all the dimensional properties of your product. We have pioneered technologies that enable you to automate set-up and provide full product measurement coverage. This translates into reduced start-up time, improved quality and documentation, decreased material usage and improved data management.

Isn't it time to introduce your manufacturing process to the standard of accuracy and excellence that the BETA LaserMike brand is know for?

Check out our gauging solutions below.

Wall Thickness

UltraScan Pro

Process Control

Lump & Neck


Length & Speed

LaserSpeed® Pro


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