Wire and Cable

Intelligent Measurement and Control for Smart Manufacturing

Nordson’ intelligent, connected on-line measurement and control systems can help keep your “fingers on the pulse” of the jacketing extrusion process.

By integrating our BETA LaserMike gauges into the production process, you can accurately capture measurement data, product data and variables along the critical points in the process for end-to-end inspection. Using our process controllers, production personnel can intuitively visualize dimensional, statistical process control and trend data in real-time to maintain tighter product specifications.

Closed-loop control with the extrusion line and integration with other networked systems enable you to maintain production accuracy, produce higher quality products and realize significant material savings.

Learn more about our solutions for wire and cable processing below.


Automatically measure and control your product dimensions.

Power, Building & Speciality

Fully automate gauging and process control.