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Pipes up to 660 mm

Accurate Product Inspection is Your Path to Better Quality Control and Material Savings

If you're like other plastic pipe manufactures, you're probably looking for new ways to increase production efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs to improve profit margins and remain competitive.

NDC offers offers measurement and control solutions for measuring plastic pipe products up to 660 mm in diameter. Our line of BETA LaserMike gauges are used by the industry's leading plastic pipe manufacturers and have a long history of successfully solving the toughest gauging challenges. BETA LaserMike gauges will deliver a level of quality control and material savings that will exceed your expectations and provide the fastest ROI.

Check out our gauging solutions below.

Wall Thickness

UltraScan Pro

Process Control

Lump & Neck


Length & Speed

LaserSpeed® Pro


Other Solutions to Add to Your Process