Cable & Tube

Wire Preheating

Eliminate Insulation Voids in Primary Cables Through Uniform, In-Process Wire Heating

When a wire is preheated for only fractions of a second by a low frequency (50/60 Hz) heat cycle, the heat is unevenly applied to the wire, resulting in hot and cold spots. When high-frequency preheating is used, more heat cycles are applied to the wire ensuring more consistent heating all along the length of the wire. To ensure optimum results, a preheating system is required before the extruder to deliver reliable, uniform in-process wire preheating.

BETA LaserMike Preheaters use high-frequency heating to optimize the physical characteristics of your insulation material and to make sure the insulation properly bonds to the conductor without gaps or cracks. This means you get a consistent, high-quality product from production run to production run.

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