Metals Processing


Intelligent Measurement and Control for Smart Manufacturing

Nordson’s intelligent, connected on-line measurement and control systems can help keep your “fingers on the pulse” of various steel manufacturing processes. By integrating our gauges into your production process, you can accurately capture measurement data, product data and variables at the critical points in the process.

Using our gauging solutions, you can accurately measure and control product length and speed as well as coating weight and coating thickness in real-time to maintain tighter product specifications.

Learn more about our solutions for the steel industry below.

Continuous Caster

Enhance your profitability through better gauging performance.

Hot Rolling Mill

Accurately, reliably control mass flow and elongation.

Tension Leveling Line

Control stretch or elongation to remove stresses and make your material lay flat.

Plate Mill

Optimize crop, shear and cut length of plates.

Roughing Mill

Significantly reduce steel thickness and extend overall length.

Cold Rolling Mill

Ensure high-accuracy in mass flow and elongation control applications.

Galvanizing / Electrolytic Tinning Line

Controlling final length measurements for continuous quality.

Steel Coating Line

Controlling the coating weight, thickness and length & speed on of products.

Strip Processing Line

Control Speed, Coil Length and Slitting

Pipe and Tube Mills

Control continuous length, cut length, product marketing and more.