Metals Processing

Discrete Part Length

Ultra-Accurate, Non-Contact In-Process Measurements

Aluminum and steel mills that manufacture products as a flow of discrete parts, such as cut billets, plates, bar, rod, pipe and tube segments, etc., required a way to precisely measure the length of these products to ensure they meet production specifications.

The LaserSpeed Pro gauge is specially engineered to be used in any continuous or discrete length measurement process. This gauge is based on the proven Laser Doppler Velocimetry principle and made totally usable through its advanced auto-correlation measurement engine. The "material present" feature detects the presence of products for discrete part length measurements -- offering better than +/-0.03% accuracy and +/-0.02% repeatability to facilitate 100% quality inspection. The LaserSpeed Pro gauge can also be supplied with external sensors to increase the accuracy of detection of leading and trailing edges of the product.

Provides the Highest Return for Your Investment
LaserSpeed Pro tracks the most minute product movements back-and-forth, even at rapid acceleration/deceleration rates – and can measure down to true zero speed. In addition, this gauge eliminates the need for continual checks of length and speed accuracy, and constant tweaking of the control system. It is an ideal replacement for error-prone contact tachometers. The result is significant cost savings by producing the highest quality products to specification and with minimal waste.

A broad range of connectivity, communication and control capabilities allow the LaserSpeed Pro gauge to be easily integrated into production networks for real-time data exchanges and tight processing efficiencies to drive product quality. 

Check out our LaserSpeed Pro length and speed gauging solution below for your unique process application.