Metals Processing

Continuous Casting

Control Continuous Length, Cut Length, Length Verification and More for Continuous Quality

Because of its many economic advantages, continuous casting offers significant process opportunities for reducing the cost of manufacturing of aluminum rolled products such as flat rolled sheet and foil in building, consumer can and automotive applications, to name a few. This means it's more important than ever to get real-time measurement and control of product length and speed during production.

Accurately measuring the length and speed on continuous slab, billet and bloom casters has been very difficult due to a number of mechanical system challenges, such as heat, kerosene contamination and slippage, and the deterioration of mechanical parts.

Aluminum manufacturers use the LaserSpeed® Pro non-contact gauge to directly measure the length and speed of continuous casters with +/-0.03% accuracy and +/-0.02% repeatability. Applications include cut length control, speed and drive verification. LaserSpeed Pro can even measure zero speed (product at standstill) and the direction your material is moving. LaserSpeed Pro’s high level of accuracy will reduce your length and speed measurement errors, enabling you to improve process control and realize real productivity gains.

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