Metals Processing

Roughing Mill

When the Going Gets Rough, NDC Gauging Systems Deliver

The roughing mill significantly reduces the thickness of steel while simultaneously extending the overall length of the product.

Accurate length and speed measurements at the roughing mill require a well-engineered, reliable system due to the harsh environment that these gauges must operate in. Producing a uniform product prior to hot mill finishing ensures better quality and yield in final products downstream.

Traditionally, mechanical contact measurement encoders have been used to measure the strip speed. But, mechanical contact measurement devices indirectly measure the strip speed and are subject to measurement errors due to slippage, wear and calibration issues.

The LaserSpeed® Pro non-contact gauge when installed at the roughing mill precisely measures the length and speed of strip. This laser-based gauge is used to control mass flow and elongation to effectively reduce the product thickness to specified dimensions. Accurate differential speed measurements at critical points in the rolling process ensure the accurate calculation of elongation ratios. This allows manufacturers to control fluctuations in the process so products are reduced to specified thickness dimensions.

Check out our LaserSpeed Pro gauging solution below.