Tobacco Processing

Green Leaf Threshing/ Leaf Processing

Produce Superior and Consistent Product

Leaf processing operations must deliver consistent tobacco grades to their customers. Traditionally moisture content and temperature at the point of packing have driven the processing operations, to maximise yield and avoid any subsequent moisture related problems.

However, these days there are other attributes that are receiving increased attention. We have helped leaf processors monitor Nicotine and Sugars in real time in order to make interventions to keep such parameters within the new, much tighter, specifications imposed by their customers.

Tobacco moisture is the most directly and automatically controllable parameter and leaf processors need final moisture content within the specification for each type or grade of tobacco.

With the need to measure moisture on line, any non-contact instrument must be able to withstand the environmental changes in the process without degrading its moisture value. The measurements must also be robust and stable in the longer term.

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