Tobacco Processing

Primary Tobacco Processing

Continuous Control Over Key Constituents

Primary Processing departments are tasked with delivering a consistent tobacco blend to the secondary department. To achieve this, these three parameters must be controlled:

Moisture is the most controllable and Primary Departments need final blend moisture content of +/-0.5% within target.

With the need to measure moisture on the process line, any non-contact instrument must be able to withstand the environmental changes in the process without degrading its moisture value. The TM9000 from NDC Technologies has been developed to achieve optimum measurement accuracy without showing sensitivity to:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Tobacco pass height
  • Ambient temperature and humidity
  • Blend variation

Moreover, the TM9000 is engineered for an industry-best long-term stability making it the most reliable gauge available for tobacco process control.

And where there is need to measure samples taken from the process, the InfraLab Tobacco Analyzer provides rapid sample analysis with minimal preparation.

View our primary tobacco process measurement solutions below.