Tobacco Processing

Recon Sheet Tobacco

Unique Systems Specifically for Recon Sheet Producers

We are able to combine our capabilities and experience in the development of non-contact measurement technologies for the paper and other web industries with our tobacco gauging products, to create a unique system specifically for the reconstituted sheet tobacco producer.

The NDC Technologies TM9000 Tobacco Gauge is combined with an NDC Technologies Gamma Gauge to achieve the following key measurements in the process:

  • moisture
  • nicotine
  • sugars
  • sheet basis wieght or grammage

In addition, access to the NDC Technologies range of scanning and profile display systems enables us to offer not just fixed point measurements over a moving sheet or conveyor but also scanning systems using our precision traversing frames to move the measurement sensors across the web, to create cross-web and machine-direction profiles.

This powerful combination enables the producer to achieve greater process insight while closed loop integration of the NDC Technologies’ solutions achieves automated process control, for consistently within-spec product batch after batch.

View our recon tobacco process measurement solutions below.