Film Extrusion & Converting

Gamma Backscatter Gauges

General Purpose Thickness and Basis Weight Measurements

Highly accurate, highly stable single-sided thickness or basis weight measurements with advanced integration technology for smart pairing with our value range of scanners.

  • Compact – weighs less than 3 pounds and effectively captures measurements from inaccessible process areas
  • Versatile  configurable for fixed-point measurements or web scanning; fixed-point gauges can be configured in the measure machine direction (MD) for consecutive coating applications or cross direction (CD) for calendering profile optimization
  • No Standardization – as gamma radiation is less composition sensitive, Gamma Backscatter gauges provide stable and accurate measurements without the need for standardization or recalibration
  • Fast ROI and Lowest Cost of Ownership – robust, cost-effective measurement solution that is reliable, accurate and easy to maintain
  • Preeminent Support – all systems are backed by NDC's dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service

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A Range of Gauging Solutions for Your Thickness and Weight Measurement Applications.

Gamma Backscatter gauge models are available in a variety of measurement ranges for gauging against air or a steel roll, and can handle a broad scope of applications.

  • Model 101: Heavy weight product measurements of either basis weight or thick coated products in the range of 6350g/m2 to 26000g/m2
  • Model 102 : Medium weight product measurements of either basis weight or coated products in the range of 1500g/m2 to 8510g/m2
  • Model 103: Light weight product measurements of either basis weight or coated products in the range of 0g/m2 to 2000g/m2

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