Film Extrusion & Converting

Series 9 Non-Contact Converting Gauge

For Next-Level Gauging Performance in Converting Applications

Our new non-contact Series 9 gauge is the best-in-class, best-in-value measurement system on the market today. This product is equipped with a unique set of capabilities for unparalleled measurement performance across a wide range of converting applications. Delivering immediate and long-term value to converting processes, the Series 9 gauge provides the following benefits:

  • Greater Process Vision – when integrated with NDC’s high-performance single-beam scanners, such as the new SlimTrak II, and Pro.Net TDi web gauging controller, it provides process vision far beyond that of conventional in-process measurement systems. Users can effectively perform ultra-accurate measurements of moisture, coat weight, degree of cure and film/layer thickness across a wide range of converting applications such as extrusion, coating and lamination.
  • Long-Term Stability – delivers ultra-reliable operation with no need for recalibration, systematic monitoring or correction for drift
  • Advanced Diagnostics – includes powerful features for preventative maintenance to ensure maximum uptime
  • Optimize Process and Product Quality – stable, ultra-accurate measurements coupled with unsurpassed performance maximizes the ability to operate your process at peak efficiency and deliver the highest quality products
  • Increase Productivity with Simple Operation – the user-friendly format requires no special operator skills or expert knowledge, yet it allows expert users to make the most of the enhanced interaction capabilities
  • Benefit from Future-Proof Platform – Series 9 delivers the performance and productivity you need now – and for the challenges yet to come – to maximize your process performance and KPIs
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership – easy operation and maintenance enables manufacturers to realize immediate and long-term value over the lifetime of operation

Contact us today to learn how our Series 9 industrial gauge can bring you true process and quality control today and beyond.

The Series 9 uses precision near infrared (NIR) technology to make a continuous, non-contact measurements of moisture content.

Series 9 Measurement Principle

The Series 9 works on the principle that constituents such as moisture (water) within a product discretely absorb certain wavelengths of infrared light. By emitting light at these wavelengths onto the product and then capturing and measuring the reflected unabsorbed light on a light-sensitive detector, the Series 9 computes the level of the moisture within the product. Unlike other technologies, the Series 9 spends 100% of its operation measuring the product.

Using high-speed signal processing, the patented Series 9 “light engine” delivers the highest resolution, on-line NIR measurements available today. This robust gauge is unaffected by changes in process conditions such as product height variation, product temperature variation, ambient lighting and relative humidity changes.

For more details on how the Series 9 converting measurement system can be integrated into you quality process, please contact your local NDC Technologies representative.

The Series 9 gauge can we be setup in a wide range of configurations based on your process application. As standard, it measures over a 25 mm diameter beam patch, with 10 mm or 60 mm available optionally. The Series 9 is suspended over the process line at a distance of 200 mm from the mean product height, and tolerates product height fluctuations of ±50 mm.