Film Extrusion & Converting

Multiple Layers

Precisely Measure the True Thickness of Your Multi-Layer Films

High-precision thickness measurement is required in a variety of inspection applications of high-value plastic products. NDC's non-contact gauging solutions provide highly precise, highly reliable thickness measurements for multi-layer films.

Our advanced gauging systems accurately measure the true thickness of:

  • Thin films
  • Biaxially-orientated films
  • Cast films
  • Blown films
  • Cast stretch films
  • Co-extruded films
  • And more...

NDC’s on-line film measurement systems are available for a wide range of web widths, machine speeds and product thicknesses. In addition, NDC's machine direction and advanced profile controls (APC) plus its full suite of HMI reports help provide superior product quality and significantly reduced scrap.

From microns to millimeters, NDC's film thickness gauges are recognized worldwide for their accuracy, stability and reliability.

Check out our gauging solutions below for measuring the thickness of multi-layer films.