Film Extrusion & Converting

NEW! DataFusion

The Power of Data Visualization for Deeper Insight Into Your Process

DataFusion is the latest innovation that enables you to harness measurement data and transform it into actionable intelligence. Benefit from real-time visualization of quality measurements to improve processes and product quality.

  • Centralized Data Collection – DataFusion collects quality measurements of thickness, weight, moisture and coat weight from film extrusion, coating and lamination lines and pipes it into an SQL database.
  • Data Visualizer and Historian – DataFusion creates a visual representation of this data so you can quickly view product quality in real-time and historically. You can visualize relationships and gain valuable insights with a click of a mouse to accelerate the data-to-decision process, improve product quality and realize production efficiencies.
  • Productivity-Enhancing Features – DataFusion is easy to use and offers complete flexibility due to its modular nature, boasting an intuitive interface and multiple easily scalable visualizations.
  • Powerful Tools for Improving Processes and Quality – drag-and-drop functionality enables you to easily visualize and highlight quality data in 2D Profile/Trend Heatmaps to optimize downstream operations, recall and view cross-directional (CD) and machine-direction (MD) profiles, view trend plots for easy analysis of process variables, create roll reports and more. 
  • System and Data Flexibility – DataFusion is compatible with NDC's new 8000TDi and Pro.Net systems via OPC-UA. And data can be exported to Excel® for further data analysis.

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