Film Extrusion & Converting

Film Thickness

Let the Experts in Gauging Help You Improve Product Quality, Process Control and Cost Control

Film thickness is a critical property of packaging materials and other products as it has a direct effect on permeability, tensile strength, impact resistance and other characteristics. From a financial standpoint, it is an efficient way to reduce production costs by controlling material thickness to within a specified range. For example, many types of extruded files such as blown film have become thinner and thinner.

For high-value products, every manufacturer needs a reliable system in place that will help them accurately measure film thickness at every stage of production.

NDC's non-contact film thickness gauging solutions will give you the measurement performance you're looking for while providing precise feedback in real-time. Our solutions are designed to improve product quality, reduce scrap, increase throughput and deliver greater yield for:

  • Biax Film and Sheet
  • Blown Film
  • Cast Film
  • Sheet Extrusion
  • And more...

Check out our film thickness gauging solutions below for your unique extrusion application.