Film Extrusion & Converting

Barrier Layer Thickness

Accurately Measure the Thickness of Your Structured Film Layers

As a film manufacturer, you understand the vital importance of producing the proper film thickness of barrier layers so your customers can properly encase, protect and preserve packaged products sold to consumers or industry. Packaging film that is properly manufactured works as two-way barrier to stop products from rupturing or leaking out and prevents oxygen and contaminants from penetrating in that can lead to product spoilage or other problems.

NDC's non-contact gauging systems effectively measure the film thickness of barrier layers so you produce the highest quality products with the optimum permeability. Measure clear, pigmented, single- or multi-layer extruded film polymer products with the highest accuracy and reliability across wide range of thicknesses covering an infinite range of polymer types.

Check out our gauging solutions below for measuring the thickness of barrier layers.