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Effectively Measure Moisture and Adhesive Coat Weight for Labelstock Products

NDC non-contact gauges are designed to directly measure adhesive coat weights for tapes, plus measure labelstock moisture and silicon release coat weight using a single gauge and scanner configuration that provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance system. For applications where a single gauge is not suitable, NDC can provide differential measurements using gauges before and after the coating station. These may be either nuclear or x-ray gauges using same-spot measurement techniques to provide accurate coat weight measurement and control.

Successful labelstock manufacture depends on the accurate measurement of three key properties: moisture content of facing and backing paper, adhesive coat weight and silicone release coat weight. The accuracy and performance of NDC’s gauges for measuring these properties is well-proven. In addition, a full suite of product control strategies are available to flatten the coat profile and optimize coat weight and material usage.

NDC’s comprehensive range of solutions for labelstock and adhesive products provides the optimum solution for your application to achieve:

  • Improved quality
  • Reduced start-up times
  • Less waste
  • Higher yields
  • Greater profitability

Check out our gauging solutions below.