Film Extrusion & Converting


The Only High-Accuracy, High-Performance Web Gauging Systems You'll Ever Need

NDC's line of non-contact measurement and control solutions is designed to increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs.

For the converting, extrusion, nonwovens and calendering industries, NDC’s web gauging systems measure and control the basis weight, coat weight, moisture and thickness of web-based products. And, NDC leads the way for Industry 4.0 with data integration and direct connectivity down to the sensor level.

NDC's highly recognizable products include the Moistrex microwave paper moisture analyzer; IG710S and SR710S moisture, coat weight and coating/laminate thickness gauges; versatile FilmPro film thickness gauge; OptiMike optical thickness gauge; Minitrak, Accutrak and SlimTrak scanners; web surface inspection systems; and iView profile display and control systems, to name a few.

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