Film Extrusion & Converting

X-Ray Transmission Gauges

High-Performance, Expanded Range Thickness and Basis Weight Measurements

NDC’s non-contact X-Ray Transmission gauges provide absolute thickness and basis weight measurements of continuous web products.

  • Excellent Cross-Web Resolution – for more precise, Advanced Profile Control (APC) profile control
  • Wider Operating Weight/Thickness Range – ultra-low-noise gauge with wider X-ray aperture allows a larger signal area to pass through the material
  • Ultra-High Resolution – narrow streak resolution permits high-resolution profile measurement that is a requirement of certain applications
  • Non-Nuclear – requires minimal shielding due to low photon energies, presents no residual radiation hazard when the unit is powered down and does not require nucleonic licensing for simplified installation
  • Fast ROI and Lowest Cost of Ownership – robust, cost-effective measurement solution that is highly reliable and easy to maintain
  • Preeminent Support – all systems are backed by NDC's dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service

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Specifically Tuned for Maximum Sensitivity and High-Accuracy Performance Across Different Applications

NDC's X-Ray Transmission gauges are available in the following models:

  • Model 312AN X-Ray Transmission gauge for film, sheet, foil, textile and converted web applications
  • Model 312AW X-Ray Transmission gauge for nonwoven applications
  • Model 312AXN X-Ray Transmission gauge for tire applications

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