Film Extrusion & Converting

Flexible Packaging

Accurately, Consistently Measure Thickness and Coatings for Tighter Quality Control

Flexible Packaging products manufactured for the drinks businesses require tight quality control throughout the various stages of the process to ensure that the final integrity of the product is not compromised. This includes the moisture content of the base materials, thickness of the many different polymer coatings on the base substrate and coatings on metallized surfaces.

With its proven range of intelligent infrared transmission, reflection, nuclear and optical gauges, NDC offers a complete range of non-contact measurement and control solutions for these key parameters. In addition, NDC's choice of scanning platforms means that the correct quality measurements are made available for vital machine direction and advanced profile controls (APC). As the world’s market leading supplier of web gauging systems to the extrusion coated business, NDC has the products, expertise and applications knowledge to deliver the right solution to produce exceptional results. Manufacturers realize:

  • Reduced start-up times
  • Raw materials savings
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased profitability

Check out our gauging solutions below.