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Proven Gauging Solutions to Give You the Competitive Edge

NDC has supplied non-contact web gauging systems to the blown film industry for over 50 years. System solutions provide a fully functional web gauging platform for today’s competitive blown film market. For the commodity product market, NDC gauges measure the blown film thickness directly on the bubble, close to the die. Haze gauges provide true, accurate on-line measurement of haze in plastic films to control the process and product appearance. Unlike competitive capacitance gauges, NDC's gauges are insensitive to the film composition, ambient temperature and humidity, making them ideal for measuring the total thickness of products such as single-layer and basic multi-layer films.

For multi-layer products, NDC offers a unique blown film system configuration that measures the product on the layflat following the collapser. The significance of this approach is its ability to quickly determine the profile shape, the average web thickness and also critical product components such as the thickness of barrier layers like EVOH and Nylon. This advanced blown film system incorporates three key features that provide significant performance benefits compared to conventional blown film configurations which simply measure the thickness of the film on the bubble.

  • High-speed near infrared barrier component measurement
  • Double layflat separation algorithm (DLSA)
  • Automatic Profile Control (APC)

With NDC's blown film solutions, manufacturers realize improve product quality, maximize product yield, boost process efficiencies and realize significant manufacturing savings.

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