Film Extrusion & Converting

Biax Film and Sheet

Serving the Industry's Leading Manufacturers for Over 50 Years

NDC is the leading web gauging equipment supplier to the biax industry thanks to its wide range of specialized non-contact film thickness gauging, haze measurement and automatic profile control (APC) solutions.

NDC's biax thickness measurement and control web gauging systems can be either single- or dual-scanner configurations depending on the application. Haze measurements can be combined with other NDC gauging technologies. Profile measurements are derived from accurate, high-speed gauges that provide detailed, high-resolution measurements. The NDC "AIM" (Asynchronous Integrated Mass) algorithm accurately maps the finished film or sheet back to the die in order to create the flattest possible profiles.

Biax manufacturers using NDC systems benefit from:

  • Optimized product quality
  • Maximum yield
  • Minimal scrap
  • Maximum uptime
  • Raw materials savings
  • Reduced energy costs

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