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Cocoa Bean & Chocolate Processing

Cocoa Bean Processing with Superior Non-Contact Measurement and Control

Moisture and Fat measurements in chocolate and cocoa production are critical process parameters at the intermediate and final stages of manufacture. Controlling these components not only affects the quality and consistency of the final product, it can also mean savings in the use of high value constituents such as cocoa butter.

Through our work with the industry, we have developed a whole suite of non-contact moisture and fat measurements with our Series 9 On-Line Gauge and InfraLab At-Line Analyzer. Making them ideal for chocolate and cocoa production.

Measurements are available for:

  • Cocoa Beans (whole)
  • Cocoa Liquor
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Chocolate Crumb
  • Drinking Chocolate Powder
  • Molten Milk or Plain/Dark Chocolate
  • Press Cake
  • Refiner Flake
  • Refiner Paste

We also offer a range of measurements for other confectionery processes such as mold starch and sugar coating. For powdered form products the PowderVision in-process sampler can be used in conjunction with the Series 9 On-Line gauge to measure product in gravity fed ducting.

View our full range of cocoa and chocolate processing solutions below.