Food & Bulk Materials Processing

Cookies, Biscuits and Crackers

Control the Biscuit/Wire-Cut Cookie Baking Process for Consistent Quality, batch after batch

Taste, texture and appearance are all key quality attributes that determine the success of a food product in the market.

Measurements during the manufacturing process for moisture and color are important to ensure final product consistency, eliminate "checking",optimal shelf life and of course consumer enjoyment and loyalty.

We have worked closely with key players in the cookies, biscuits and crackers industries to develop dependable, high-performance non-contact measurements which can also be integrated into closed-loop control of the process.

Controlling the moisture content of cookies and biscuits upstream generates key benefits to the processor downstream such as:

  • Improved Shelf-life
  • Reduced Surface Checking

Productivity gains include:

  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Off-Line Testing
  • Reduced Operator Dependency
  • Time Savings

Critical to product consistency is the color after baking. Our Series 9 Moisture Gauge is also available with an additional simultaneous color measurement that gives a linear brownness value that mimics the human eye’s color response.

What’s more, our Series 9 Biscuit Gauge uses optical sensors to ensure that we only make a measurement when the product is directly under the gauge measurement area. At NDC we don’t “zero out” the conveyor belt – we don’t let our gauge even see it.