Food & Bulk Materials Processing

NEW! InfraLab Series 9 Industrial Analyzer

Rapid, At-Line Moisture Analysis of Industrial Bulk Powders, Flakes and Granules

The non-contact InfraLab Series 9 At-Line Analyzer provides rapid, accurate measurement of moisture in a wide variety of products presented in powder, flake or granule form.

  • Enhance Product Quality and Consistency  through more representative process sampling
  • Intuitive, Easy to Use  requires no special operator skills
  • Test More in Less Time and Save – provides analysis results in less than 5seconds, delivering substantial savings through cost reduction from routine sampling
  • Environmentally Robust – measurements unaffected by product and ambient changes such as temperature, relative humidity and factory lighting
  • Versatile  available in single- or multi-component measurement configurations

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How it Works

Using multi-wavelength NIR (near infrared) reflection, the InfraLab does not require contact with the product sample. Samples are simply presented in the sample bowl; the InfraLab then automatically recognizes the presence of the sample and starts its measurement sequence. In just 5 seconds, the measurements are displayed clearly on the screen.

Replacement for Laboratory Methods

The InfraLab Series 9 Analyzer is fast, easy-to-use, sturdy and features a wide set of skills that make replacement of laboratory methods even more convenient:

  • User-configurable multi-lingual interface
  • Pass code protection with configurable user access levels
  • Choice of sample dishes (deep or shallow rotating, or static petri dish)
  • Ethernet and LIMS connectivity
  • On-board storage of 100,000 sample files and fast download to USB memory stick