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Enhanced Moisture Measurements for Minerals and Mining Processes

Vast quantities of power and energy are expended when drying products to their desired specification. Processes that incorporate reliable, accurate real-time moisture measurements, operate efficiently, producing product of consistent quality thereby reducing scrap and avoiding a tendency to over-dry to avoid downstream issues.

We have worked closely with industry to develop robust non-contact moisture measurements for a wide range of processes to enable real-time process control of minerals and bulk materials. Applications include:

  • Ash, power station and fly
  • Bentonite or Laponite® (powdered)
  • Coal (crushed/powdered)
  • Coke breeze (powdered)
  • Furnace slag (milled)
  • Limestone (crushed)
  • Talc (powdered)
  • Zeolite (powderd)

Laponite is a registered trademark of BYK Additives, Ltd. 

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