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NEW! PrediktIR II

Simple, Moisture-Only Measurement for Biomass, Clay Powder and Sinter Mix That Delivers Value

PrediktIR II is the next-generation, near-infrared gauging solution uniquely designed for the important process measurement of moisture in biomass, clay powder and sinter mix applications. The new PrediktIR II gauge is another example of NDC Technologies’ commitment to delivering a measurement solution to the marketplace with best-in-value performance.

  • Enhance Product Quality and Consistency  continuous, highly accurate measurements allow for better process control and product quality optimization 
  • Save Energy and Improve Yield  precise moisture measurement and dryer control provides energy savings and reduces out-of-spec materials
  • Integrate Easily Into Closed-Loop Control Systems – flexible process connectivity and intuitive Gauge Control Interface
  • Accurate in Any Environment  get long-term instrument stability and accurate moisture measurement of powders, flakes or granules independent of changes in ambient conditions such as lighting, temperature or humidity
  • Continue to Realize Value lower operating costs and maximize profitability, while realizing a long return on value

Contact us today to learn how our PrediktIR II moisture gauge for biomass, clay powder and sinter mix applications can give you the competitive advantage.

Measurement Principle

PrediktIR II is based on NDC Technologies’ proven optical filter technology. Light at a specific wavelength is absorbed by moisture. The rotating filter wheel in the gauge projects pulses of light at this wavelength, and other reference wavelengths not absorbed by moisture, onto the product. Some of this light is absorbed and the rest is scattered/reflected. The “gauge light collecting optics” focus the reflected intensities onto a detection system which compares the amount of moisture absorption with the reference wavelengths, providing a measurement independent of pass height variations, changes in source lamp intensity and atmospheric dust.

Algorithms convert the infrared signals into an output that is proportional to moisture content and calibration is carried out using the normal slope and intercept (Span and Trim) controls to achieve agreement with the customer’s primary reference method. The measurement speed is exceptionally fast (over 60 Hz) and delivers a continuous moisture measurement that can be output by 4-20 mA analog devices, a serial bus or Ethernet protocols to the process computer.

In the Process

> Continuous Product Flows

PrediktIR II measures over a 60 mm diameter standard beam patch size. It is suspended over the process line at a distance of 250 mm from the mean product height and tolerates product height fluctuations of ±100 mm.

> Gravity-Fed Product Flows

NDC Technologies’ pneumatic PowderVision sampler can be used with the PrediktIR II gauge for powders transported in enclosed ducts.

> Powders in Fluid Bed Dryers

PrediktIR II can be installed to measure moisture in powders in a fluid bed dryer through a sight glass, while ensuring that the measurement area is below the powder line.

> Spray Dryer Processes

> Sinter Mix Processes

The PrediktIR II gauging system is designed to accommodate a wide range of possible configurations. Examples of single- and two-gauge configurations are shown below. PrediktIR II gauges with stainless-steel enclosures are connected to a PrediktIR II Gauge Control Interface (GCI) with a 10-inch color touchscreen and and a PrediktIR II Power Hub (PH) delivering 24V DC.

Please refer to the Technical Information section for details on how PrediktIR II is used in the process.