Food & Bulk Materials Processing

PowderVision Sampler

Convenient, In-Process Powder Sampling

The PowderVision sampling system allows moisture to be conveniently measured in powders, granules and flakes flowing in enclosed ducts or gravity-fed conveying systems.

  • Replace Manual Sampling – PowderVision captures product in the falling stream, measures it, then returns it to the product flow (to repeat the cycle) without the need to remove product physically from the process
  • Enhance Product Quality and Consistency – continuous, on-line moisture measurements eliminates external laboratory testing and allows for automatic control of drying processes – translating into consistent product quality, increased yield and reduced fossil fuel consumption
  • Continuous Process Control – PowderVision collects samples every few seconds with measurement values output via digital or analog connectivity to a PLC or SCADA system for process control
  • Versatile Sampling – PowderVision can be used with a wide range of powders

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